Who Is FindShiviBee?

I am. But Who am I?

Who am I is a funny question. It’s also a confusing one.

Am I the girl who loves to travel or loves to eat around the World?

Am I the neuroscience enthusiast with a passion for promoting positive mental health?

Or am I the corporate bee who is buzzing around the MNC hive?

Well I guess you could say I am all of the above, and then some. But I’ll let my writing speak for itself, and maybe you can help me figure out just who I am.

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About Me

It’s a funny thing trying to describe yourself on the internet. Should I use an online dating profile-esque introduction? Should I be more formal like an author excerpt in a book? Or I could just blabber on and on in a stream of consciousness kind of way! Either way, I am still going to be that 20-something millennial who is trying to make her way in this world. Trying to find out exactly where it is I belong and how I am able to contribute to the world around me. And I’m hoping to do so with FindShiviBee. Won’t you join me? Read more

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